Pumpkin fritters – a tasty and healthy dish

Pumpkin Recipe

Lush baked fritters

Airy and tender pumpkin pancakes can be baked in the oven. And you will need such ingredients for this:

  • half a kilogram of pumpkin (it is best to use sweet nutmeg, but the usual one is also quite suitable);
  • three chicken eggs;
  • 200 ml of kefir (can be replaced with yogurt);
  • about one glass with a hill of flour (or a little more if dough is required);
  • a teaspoon of baking powder (baking powder);
  • to taste sugar (optional);
  • oil.

Cooking consists of several stages:

  1. To get started, prepare your pumpkin. It must be freed from seeds and peel and then, if it is very hard, bake until soft in the oven or extinguish in a small amount of water. Soft pumpkin does not need to be further thermally processed.
  2. Further, the pumpkin is ground in any convenient way, for example, rubbed on a fine grater or immersed in a blender.
  3. Beat eggs separately (with sugar, if present among your products) until foamy and almost white.
  4. Combine pumpkin mass with kefir, flour, baking powder. Mix everything well with a mixer or whisk until smooth.
  5. Now, in an almost finished dough, carefully introduce your beaten egg froth.
  6. Cover the baking sheet with parchment, which is smeared with either butter or vegetable oil.
  7. Lay the dough on the laid baking sheet in portions, leaving spaces between them. Send future pancakes to bake at 170 degrees for forty minutes.
  8. You got an excellent breakfast or afternoon snack, and without fat, almost dietary.
  9. Classic pumpkin pancakes

    How to cook easily and quickly delicious and cool pumpkin pancakes? To get started, stock up on the right products:

    • 400 grams of pumpkin;
    • a glass of wheat flour;
    • two eggs;
    • for frying vegetable oil (both sunflower and olive are suitable ).

    Recipe Description:

    • To make the pancakes soft and soft, the pumpkin must first be softened by heat treatment. You can steam it, bake until soft or put it out. But first, cleaning is done.
    • Next, the pumpkin turns into a puree mass using a blender, a fine grater or a meat grinder.
    • Into a pumpkin homogeneous mass, introduce eggs with flour, with a mixer, bring the mixture to a uniform ideal consistency.
    • Warm the oil well in a frying pan, and then spread the pumpkin dough with a tablespoon and fry the pancakes on low heat for about three minutes on each side.
    • With cottage cheese and apples

      This recipe is more interesting, since it involves the combination of different components. Among them:

      • 350 grams of ripe pumpkin;
      • 100 grams of quality cottage cheese (preferably not granular, but homogeneous in the form of mass);
      • one large ripe apple (preferably not the most juicy);
      • egg;
      • 4-5 tablespoons of flour;
      • either a teaspoon of baking soda (quenched with lemon juice or boiling water), or the same amount of baking powder;
      • two to three tablespoons of granulated sugar;
      • a pinch of cinnamon optional;
      • frying oil (optional: vegetable or creamy ).

      Instructions step by step:

      1. If the pumpkin is soft and ripe, then immediately peel it of seeds and peel, then rub on a fine grater. If you came across a sufficiently dense specimen, then pre-soften it by heat treatment: stewing, baking in the oven or steaming. After that, you can skip the pumpkin through a meat grinder or grind it on a grater or in a blender.
      2. The apple is also peeled and freed from the core, rubs on a grater.
      3. Then combine the crushed pumpkin with the rest of the ingredients: flour, apple mass, cottage cheese, quenched soda or baking powder, egg, granulated sugar and cinnamon. Mix all these components very carefully with a mixer and whisk at the same time.
      4. Next, put the finished dough with a large spoon into a skillet heated with butter and fry on both sides until browned and completely cooked.

      Savory pancakes for a snack

      Want to quickly make an interesting snack ? Then this option is just for you. The list of products will be as follows:

      • 0.5 kg ripe pumpkin;
      • a glass of pre-peeled walnuts;
      • three cloves of garlic;
      • a pair of chicken eggs;
      • two tablespoons of soy sauce (or teriyaki sauce);
      • two tablespoons of white wine (the stronger, the better);
      • grams of 100-150 flour;
      • a pinch of nutmeg;
      • to taste salt;
      • ground pepper, if desired;
      • butter (both vegetable and butter) for frying.

      The algorithm of actions is as follows:

      1. Dry the nuts lightly in a dry frying pan for taste, and then grind in a coffee grinder or blender to a crumb state.
      2. Grind the pumpkin in any convenient way: twist it in a meat grinder, grind it in a blender or grate it on a grater. If the product is hard, then it can be softened by quenching, steaming or baking.
      3. Beat eggs with soy sauce, salt, nutmeg, pepper and wine to a foamy consistency.
      4. Garlic is peeled and chopped: using a garlic press or grater.
      5. Then add flour to the pumpkin mass and gradually and gently introduce the egg froth.
      6. Add the garlic with nuts, mix everything carefully to maintain the airiness of the beaten eggs.
      7. Pour the oil into the pan, warm it well and then spread the dough with a spoon, frying the pancakes on both sides.
      8. Eatery savory pancakes are ready to be served!

      Hash browns with pumpkin and oatmeal

      Homemade pumpkin pancakes with oatmeal are delicious. And what’s needed for them is this:

      • 300 grams of ripe pumpkin;
      • two hundred grams of Hercules flakes (best finely ground);
      • a glass of milk;
      • about a hundred grams of flour;
      • three medium-sized eggs (or two large);
      • optionally a little sugar;
      • oil (necessary for frying).

      Your steps:

      1. First of all, pour oatmeal with hot milk to swell and soften.
      2. After cleaning, grind the pumpkin in any way convenient for you. If necessary, soften it steamed or in the oven.
      3. Beat eggs at high speed by adding sugar to them. An air resistant foam should form.
      4. Combine pumpkin mass with flakes that have softened and swelled, mix everything.
      5. Then carefully add the egg foam so that it does not fall.
      6. Then you can fry the fritters in a pan or bake in the oven. In any case, they will turn out gentle and airy.

      Be sure to take these recipes into service to delight loved ones or guests with a delicious and healthy dish of affordable pumpkin.

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